Yearly Equipment Checkup

Call us NOW at 423-559-1958 to schedule your annual 12-point inspection and service!

Service Includes:

1. Change engine oil and filter, dispose
2. Replace engine air filter(s) and fuel filter
3. Replace spark plug(s), adjust gap
4. Grease axles and mower spindles
5. Sharpen mower blades
6. Clean debris from mower with pressure washer
7. Clean debris from underneath deck
8. Inspect deck linkage and level deck, check gauge wheels
9. Inspect belts for wear, adjust tension
10. Check battery voltage and charging system
11. Test operation of brakes, carburetor & transmission
12. Check tires for wear and set pressure

Package A (Entry Level Machines) - $219

Package B (Mid-Grade Machines ) - $249

Package C (Commercial Machines) - $299